Sustaining Meaningful Action In 2021


Sustaining Meaningful Action In 2021

Symbiont, with input from our clients, started 2021 by making contributions to and supporting three non-profit organizations. The selected organizations share in our mission to provide equal opportunity, empowerment, and quality of life advancements. 



The charities selected are:

  1. All in Milwaukee supports limited-income, high-potential students through the last mile of their education.  By providing comprehensive support through a network of pathway partners, universities, donor partners, and advisors, they are building a diverse and talented workforce and future leaders for the community.
  2. Society of Women Engineers gives women engineers a unique place and voice within the industry and empowers women to achieve their full career potential, expands the image of the engineering and technology professions as a positive force in improving the quality of life, and demonstrates the value of diversity and inclusion.
  3. works to bring safe, accessible, and cost-effective water and sanitation to the world. They help people access safe water and sanitation through affordable financing – giving them hope, health, and a bright future.


If we each do our own part in attempting to level the playing field, we will collectively make our communities and our companies better for everyone.