Our Process Automation Team is ProLeiT Certified


Our Process Automation Team is ProLeiT Certified

Is my facility operating at peak performance? This is a question that keeps food, beverage, consumer goods, municipal, and energy facilities’ teams up at night. Those responsible for process-based and recipe-based systems are looking at, or already benefitting from, the advantages of modern HMI and PLC technology. 

When it comes to connecting different types of PLCs, such as Rockwell and Siemens, it takes engineers skilled in a wide range of PLCs to get the systems talking. Symbiont’s automation engineers are staying up to date with the latest trends in the food and beverage industry, and recently completed ProLeiT brewmaxx system training. 

Under the guidance of Thomas Scheller of ProLeiT, Symbiont’s Automation team configured ProLeiT systems, modeled a typical brewing process, and adjusted code to resolve simulated issues. A PC and PLC-based process control system used throughout Europe, ProLeiT is now an emerging technology in America.  It interfaces with each piece of equipment in a facility to create a seamless control system, and is compatible with Rockwell Automation, Siemens, and VIPA. 

This is just one of the many HMI/PLC languages we speak. Download our Process Automation & System Integration brochure for a roadmap to achieve peak performance.