Top 6 Ways a Wastewater Energy Assessment Can Move You Forward


Top 6 Ways a Wastewater Energy Assessment Can Move You Forward

Is your facility looking for ways to increase energy efficiency, reduce O&M costs, and maintain an agile operation? 

Consider a Wastewater Energy Assessment.  If you are a Wisconsin Business, Focus on Energy is covering 90% of the assessment fee in 2018.  As a Qualified Wastewater Service Provider, we know the ins and outs of this assessment and what it can do for you.

Here are the top 6 ways your facility can benefit from taking advantage of a Wastewater Plant Energy Assessment:

  1. Learn the lowest cost and highest-return strategies that can be implemented at your plant to help you realize energy efficiencies in striving to be a Utility of the Future.​
  2. Fulfill your sustainability and environmental stewardship goals by taking steps to meet your permit and public engagement requirements. 
  3. Engage Qualified Wastewater Service Providers to help you understand your facility better.  
  4. Become experts in the emerging technologies and processes.
  5. Become eligible for additional incentives through local and national utility providers – LFCA credits, RIN credits, federal grant programs, and more.
  6. Learn how to become more energy independent.  Learn how to treat wastewater as an asset for producing energy and desirable byproducts, such as fertilizer.


Many facilities are not aware that the process of managing wastewater can hold a hidden asset for economic growth and development.  At Symbiont, we have assisted facilities in delivering continuous improvement in operational and treatment efficiency.  We have also identified opportunities for energy recovery and useful byproduct generation for our clients.  With optimized wastewater system resources, communities and industries can focus their efforts on long-term planning and development, as they watch their energy bills take care of themselves.

Some facilities may be concerned that a low-cost energy evaluation may not provide sufficient value; however, due to rapid changes in technology, even low-cost evaluations can provide great value.  For example, improvements made in blower technology and instrumentation components can be applied at even the most well-attended wastewater plants. New technologies keep evolving, and both low-cost modern solutions and large-scale improvement strategies identified in the assessment are often more feasible and profitable than clients anticipate.  As for capital improvement options, many facilities are surprised to find that the payback is significant.

Want to learn more about how to get your Wastewater Energy Assessment costs covered in Wisconsin?  Need help?

Contact a specialist from Symbiont’s Wastewater Assessment Team or Chris Tippery - We know the ins and outs of the Focus on Energy 2018 Special Offer (90% of assessment cost up to $10,000 is covered).