Focus on Sustainability - Rain Barrels


Focus on Sustainability - Rain Barrels

Rain Barrel

Looking for a sustainable way to water your plants during the hot summer months that is good for the environment AND your pocketbook? Why not install a rain barrel?

“Rain barrels help keep excess water out of the sewer system when it rains.
They also help prevent rain from becoming polluted stormwater runoff, the biggest remaining threat to clean rivers and lakes in the United States.” Read more about it on Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District's website.


  • Using a Rain Barrel, you can easily collect (or "harvest") rainwater that is flowing through a downspout. Harvested rainwater can provide many benefits to you, your community, and your environment.
  • Rainwater is great for gardens, houseplants, auto cleaning, window washing, and many other household chores.
  • It provides a source of water during droughts and periods of water restrictions.
  • It saves you money by lowering your water bill.
  • It can lower the volume of water flowing to the sewer treatment facility — this conserves energy.
  • It reduces stress on municipal storm drain and sewer systems.